Bill Cooper

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My first love has always been music. The urge to perform started when I was 4 years old. It was 1973 and my family was gathered around the TV to watch CBS broadcast Elvis Aloha From Hawaii. I was drawn like a magnet. I grabbed my plastic guitar and stood on the coffee table during the entire show...shaking my leg, etc. I was mesmerized. Elvis inspired me to sing and his story of growing up poor and rising to the top gave me hope as a child who also grew up in very modest surroundings. In high school and college, I was into classical, jazz, rock and country music. I was listening to Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and the like. I started to pick up on artists whose music mirrored these legendary founders. Artists like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel had a fresh sound with that familiar rock foundation. Music was therapeutic growing up, it helped me get through tough times. It still does.  I have an International following thanks to social media. My goal is to play in every country where I have a group of fans.

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